For dog and cat owners

  • Internal disease diagnosis and therapyvyšetření na ultrazvukovém pracovišti
  • Both routine and more invasive surgeries in our operating room
  • Solving gynecological and obstetrical problems (e.g. determining the best breeding time, gravidity and birth councelling, pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound, assistance with delivery, and Cesarian section)
  • Complex preventive programs for puppies and kittens, including counselling for beginners (vaccinations, deworming, nutrition, care for ears, oral cavity, etc.)
  • Design of preventive and therapeutical regimes for elderly dogs and cats with respect to their specified needs (nutrition, supportive medication, etc.)
  • Removing of dental calculus with ultrasound.
  • Radiography including bone imaging for hip and elbow dysplasia needed for breeding
  • Ultrasound diagnostics of internal diseases
  • Electrocardiological exam for heart disease diagnosis
  • Tests for feline leukemia, immunodeficiency syndrome and FIP in cats
  • Application of microchips and issuing the pet passports needed for travelling abroad (EU)