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Even though the medical counselling through e-mails is not ideal, we understand that to come to our practice from distant places may be difficult for you. We also know that to find an experienced vet dealing with pet birds may present a challenge. Accordingly, we offer the on-line counselling that might provide you with some help.

We point out in advance that the vast majority of health problems cannot be definitively resolved without a proper examination of the patient. Based on your description, however, it is often possible to assess how serious the problem is, which directions the diagnostics should take and whether it is possible to solve the problem in a regular or rather specialized workplace. Therefore, please consider this advice as a helper who, based on the information you have provided, will guide you on how to proceed optimally.

Owing to the fact that such a counselling is a very time-consuming service, we have to charge you. However, it is obvious that there are many diseases and disorders that cannot be solved that way. If we find out that your problem is not possible to solve through emailing, we will inform you immediatelly and you will not be charged.

Only detailed and medical answers are to be charged. The price is 550 CZK (25 €) per one answer.

We are not going to ask you for the payment in advance. We charge for the service AFTER providing you with the service (you pay after you receive our written advice by post money order or form a bank account). We want you to feel comfortable with our job and not feel insecure when paying before the service has been provided.

Below you will find the form where you may describe your problem through the guiding questions. Sometimes the photos are ideal or even necessary to solve the problem. The photos should be of good quality. Also, you may send a video, if necessary or useful.

You agree with above counselling service conditions and terms by sending your question.

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3. Health problem

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