If you need an immediate help at the time we are out of the office (feast days, holidays, at nights, etc.) we recommend you contact reliable emergency clinic (address: Gellnerova 8, Brno-Jundrov, tel.: +420 530 340 824). For futher information please look at www.hosek-vet.cz.

 In addition, you also can contact other emergency providers in Brno:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  Palackého 1-3, Brno, tel. (operator) +420 541 561 111
  • Jaggy Veterinary Clinic, Komárovská 5, Brno, tel.: +420 545 234 035.

Both of these clinics works NON-STOP.

 In case you need a help at home, you can contact MVDr. Martin Petrlík on phone number: +420 608 303 843