For exotic bird owners

  • vyšetření papouškaInternal disease diagnosis and therapy based on detailed examination (biochemistry blood profile, hematology, parasitology, bacteriological and virological tests).
  • Radiography (very important tool for foreign body detection, body organs diagnostic imaging, bones imaging, fractures, etc.).
  • Both routine and more invasive surgeries in our operating room (removing a foreign body from GI tract, tumor sections, wound sutures, etc.).
  • Postmortem diagnosis based on an autopsy, histopath, bacteriological and virological examination of cadavers.
  • Short-term hospitalization in order to make a diagnosis and treat the disease, in severe cases we use a pediatric incubator.
  • Counselling for both beginners and advanced breeders, setting preventive measures for a large aviary, preventive check-ups including the tests for circovirosis (PBFD or avian AIDS).
  • Diagnostic and preventive tests for common viral diseases in aviaries (circovirus - PBFD, polyomavirus), and chlamydiosis.
  • Expert witness in a case of legal dispute regarding the birds.