Practice internal ethics code

Veterinary services might be difficult for the owner to check. Instead, often you must believe that your vet does the best for your animal. The reason for this is that the majority of owners are not familiar with veterinary medicine, they are not allowed to enter the premises as the operating room, they do not know what kind of medical products their vet actually uses, if they are not expired, if the dose is not too low or too high, etc. The animal owner simply has to trust his/her vet. We would like to insure you that while doing our job we adhere to the following principles:

  • Each of our actions is ALWAYS made to the animal owner´s advantage.
  • Each of our actions is almost ALWAYS made to the animal´s advantage (word „almost“ means that the owner´s decision may not be always made to his/her animal´s advantage).
  • Communication with a client is always fair: the important rule is not to lie and never cheat.
  • Respect the client´s perception and emotions.
  • Respect the client´s decision.
  • Suggest more ways how to solve the problem (if possible), recommend the best one, but the final decision let up to the client.
  • Every client has a right to know (at least approximate) the price for the service provided in advance.
  • Every client has a right to change his/her vet and the vet is oblidged to provide him/her with his/her animal record.
  • Every client has a right to complain and to be listened to.
  • Every client has a right to ask „why“ and „how“ the vet is going to approach the therapy in his/her animal.